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The conference language is English


Time Titel
09:00hrs – 10:45hrs Welcome coffee and putting up posters
10:50hrs – 11:00hrs Welcome from the Organizing Committee
11:00hrs – 12:00hrs Plenary session (Chair: Erlangga Yusuf, clinical microbiologist, Erasmus MC)
1. Scientific highlights in Clinical Microbiology in the last 2 years (Veroniek Saegeman, clinical biologist, VITAZ)
2. Scientific highlights in Infectious Diseases in the last 2 years (Bart Rijnders, Infectiologist, Erasmus MC)
12:00hrs – 12:45hrs TABS’s diagnosis at a glance (Steven Martens, Arthur Poncelet, Joanna T’Jaeckx, François Mastroianni, trainee association BVIKM/SBIMC)
12:45hrs – 13:30hrs Lunch and visit of the exhibition and poster hall
13:30hrs – 14:00hrs Visit of the exhibition and poster hall
14:00hrs – 14:45hrs Plenary session (Chair: Michele van Vugt, infectiologist, Amsterdam UMC)
Alone in isolation – Family perspective from the family of a patient with Lassa fever in the Netherlands (Anique Nolet)
14:45hrs – 15:00hrs Coffee Break
15:00hrs – 16:30hrs Parallel sessions
A. Sustainability and climate change (Chair: Annelies Verbon, infectiologist, UMC Utrecht)
1. Clinical microbiology laboratories, clinical microbiologists, doctors and climate change (Erlangga Yusuf, clinical microbiologist, Erasmus MC)
2. Climate change, vector borne infections and other infectious diseases  (Steven Van Den Broucke, infectiologist, ITG)
3. Infection prevention and sustainability (Ingrid Spijkerman, clinical microbiologist, Amsterdam UMC)
B. One Health (Chair: Steven van Gucht, epidemiologist, Sciensano)
1. (The decrease) of antibiotic use in veterinary medicine (Ilias Chantziaris, veterinarian, UZ Gent)
2. Wildlife reservoir – what’s the next pandemic (Marius Gilbert, epidemiologist, ULB)
3. Biological warfare (Matthew Lim, infectiologist, WHO)
16:30hrs – 16:45hrs Coffee Break
16:45hrs – 17:30hrs Selected Abstract Presentations (Chairs: Carla Van Tienen & Olivier Denis, clinical biologist, UCL)
1. Empirical antimicrobial use in ICU and outcome before and after abandoning the concept of healthcare-associated pneumonia: a single centre retrospective analysis (Thomas Couck, Resident intensive care medicine, UZ Gent)
2. Pharmacokinetics and PK/PD of temocillin in non-ICU urinary tract infection patients with various stages of renal insufficiency (Gert-Jan Wijnant, pharmacologist, UCLouvain)
3. Clinical impact of PCR-based Aspergillus and azole resistance detection in invasive aspergillosis. A prospective multicenter study (Sammy Huygens, doctor researcher infectiologist, Erasmus MC)
4. Cefiderocol susceptibility testing: disk diffusion compared to broth microdilution (Reza Soleimani, microbiologist, CHU UCL Namur)
From 19:00hrs Social event @ brewery ‘De Halve Maan’


09:00hrs – 10:30hrsParallel sessions
A. Refugees(Chairs: Rémy Demeester, infectiologist, CHU Charleroi and Meta Roestenberg, infectiologist, LUMC)
1. Tuberculosis (Wouter Arrazola de Oñate, epidemiologist, VRGT)
2. Infectious disease in refugees  (Michele van Vugt infectiologist, Amsterdam UMC)
3. Infectious disease specialist in crisis area (Elham Khatamzas, infectiologist/medical microbiologist, University Hospital Heidelberg)
B. Challenges of Clinical Microbiology Laboratories (Chairs: Maarten Heuvelmans, medical microbiologist, MMIG Gelderland and Marie Pierre Hayette, clinical biologist, CHU Liege)
1. Laboratory automatisation and centralization (Astrid Muyldermans, clinical biologist, UZ Brussel)
2. Application of CE IVD rules in routine diagnostic lab in Belgium and the Netherlands (Pieter Vermeersch, clinical biologist, UZ Leuven and Robin van Houdt, molecular medical microbiologist, Amsterdam UMC)
3. Changing landscape in diagnostic microbiology (Andreas Voss, clinical microbiologist, UMCG)
10:30hrs – 11:00hrsBreak
11:00hrs – 12:30hrsPlenary Session: Antibiotics and non-antibiotics to treat MDR microorganisms (Chairs:  Mark de Boer, infectiologist, LUMC and Daniel Huang, clinical biologist, UCL)
1. New antibiotics in the pipeline against multidrug resistant Gram-negatives (Françoise Van Bambeke, pharmacologist, UCLouvain)
2. New guidelines MDR Gram negatives (Jan Dewaele, intensivist, UZ Gent)
3. Bacteriophages: clinical experience and regulation (Maya Hites, infectiologist, ULB and Isabel Spriet, Hospital Pharmacist, UZ Leuven)
12:30hrs – 13:30hrsLunch and visit of the exhibition and poster hall
13:30hrs – 15:00hrsPlenary session: Global Infectious Health (Chairs: Merel Lambregts, infectiologist, LUMC and Olivier Denis, clinical biologist, UCL)
1. Foodborne outbreak – contaminated pizza in France and the Kinder chocolate Salmonella (Koenraad Van Hoorde, Sciensano)
2. Can the problem of highly pathogenic avian influenza be solved by a One Health approach? (Thijs Kuiken, veterinarian, Erasmus MC)
3. Monkeypox virus (Laurens Liesenborghs, infectiologist, ITG)
15:00hrs – 15:15hrsBreak
15:15hrs – 15:45hrsProfessional Union of Infectiologists (Steven Callens, infectiologist, UZ Gent and Caroline Theunissen, infectiologist, ITG)
15:45hrs – 16:45hrsPlenary session: Active engagement on social media as a doctor or scientist during a pandemic (chair: Carla Van Tienen)
1. Managing misinformation (Mathijs Binkhorst, pediatrician/neonatologist, Radboudumc Amalia Children’s Hospital)
2. Experience with communicating science in Covid times (Marc van Ranst, clinical biologist, UZ Leuven)
16:45hrs – 17:00hrsClosing remarks